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Meet the Team

Meet the E2School teachers that will help with your English Learning journey from start to finish.


Hi, I’m Amber!

I was born In the UK and grew up in Oxford, a city known for Its love of learning and teaching! Since then, I have lived in various parts of England and Australia. and I now work from Tasmania, a heart-shaped island at the edge of the world. The very first language I learnt was Egyptian hieroglyphs, which I started learning as a kid after watching (and becoming obsessed with) 'The Mummy'!

I'm the Head of SpeakingLab and Grammar Review. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Arts (Linguistics and French) and a Master of TESOL


G’day I’m Jay!

I grew up in the middle of nowhere down a dead-end gravel track, a 20-minute drive from a tiny little town called Lavers Hill on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. I've taught English in places as culturally diverse as Yogyakarta in Indonesia, Mysore in South India, Seoul in South Korea and East Arnhem Land in Australia. In my free time, I meditate, read and sleep.

I'm the Director of Teacher and Learning at E2Language and hold a Master of Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.


Hello I'm Bailey

I have lived in Kansas, Florida, Chicago, San Antonio, Texas, Guatemala, Vancouver, and now Melbourne with my husband and two well-travelled cats. I enjoy biking, hiking, going on walks and reading and am a huge animal lover! I have two cats, but I’m also obsessed with dogs!

I graduated from The University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and an emphasis in American Studies. Working for E2School has genuinely been a dream come true for me. Being able to work directly with students while using several areas of my expertise has been a perfect fit, and I cannot wait to help more people


Hi I'm Mel

I currently live in Bristol but I grew up in Bulgaria. I'm bilingual with Bulgarian and Turkish being my mother tongues. I started learning English at age 6, German at age 14 and Russian at age 18! I practice yoga and I’m a keen runner. I'm also a lover of winter sports - especially skiing.

I hold a CELTA Certificate and MA TESOL and have taught English since 2010. Additionally, I've been teaching IELTS since 2013.

I'm so excited to hold webinars and explore new ways of teaching a large group of people with E2School.

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